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I. Classic Car Pro Marketing Terms


a) Our introductory $99 per/mo marketing program requires a 3 month agreement. Amount due at the inception of marketing program development is $297. Additional months can be purchased at any time, including up to 7 days following the end of the 3 month term. After that time, a new marketing program will be required at the full rate.

b) The $99 per/mo introductory marketing program will rely on the vehicle owners supplied media. We will allow up to 50 photos and 3 video clips which will be used to market the sellers vehicle. We do have the ability and will utilize PhotoShop and like programs to enhance clarity and overall photo quality of the supplied photos. We will not manipulate the photos in any way as to enhance the quality of the vehicle. 

c) Our personalized Presidential Marketing Program consists of Classic Car Pro's  Director- Richard Winkler, meeting with the vehicle seller to inspect the vehicle in person, developing a personalized marketing strategy, taking professional quality marketing photos and videos, developing a YouTube Commercial for the sellers vehicle such as this example and marketing the car across all Internet platforms that we use and Social Media Outlets. The vehicle will 'Run until It Sells". The up front cost is the same as our Introductory Program. $297 up front with a 3 month exclusive agreement. Once the vehicle sells, 10% of the final sale price is due, minus the $297 up front fee. Realistically, this program will be most suitable to sellers in the Southern California region, however, on an as needed - case by case basis, we will travel to institute this program at the sellers expense if the agreement to do so is made.



II. Classic Car Pro - information Distribution.

a) The Classic Car Pro and Classic Autoworx names and Company Developed Programs are considered Proprietary Information owned by R.A. Winkler Enterprises, not to be shared or used to simulate or emulate Classic Autoworx, Classic Car Pro or the parent company, R.A. Winkler Enterprises in any way.


b) All images and Information Electronically shared with our company become the property of R.A. Winkler Enterprises and subsidiaries and will be used at our discretion for the purpose of marketing. We are not a 'show and share' company. We will not sell or otherwise allow others to use our clients personal information for any reason. 

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