Collector Car Locating / Purchasing

Thank you for your interest in our Vehicle Locating / Acquisition Program. This prospectus is designed to inform you, our potential client as to the scope of services provided in this comprehensive program which includes the following:

  • Vehicle locating and qualifying for purchase

  • Vehicle Inspection by our staff

  • Photo and written documentation of inspection provided

  • Price negotiation on clients behalf

  • Responsible vehicle procurement

  • Transport coordination and assistance

I.  VEHICLE LOCATING AND QUALIFYING. We have sourced hundreds of vehicles for customers and clients from all parts of the globe. We have the experience to assist you in finding the RIGHT vehicle, with the options that you desire. Once we have located that vehicle, we then "qualify" it for purchase. We obtain as much information about the vehicle as possible, including pictures and video if possible. If the information provided checks out and meets the buyers approval, we then move to the next step. 

II. VEHICLE INSPECTION. This is perhaps the most critical aspect of the process. We ask that the buyer allow us to inspect the vehicle for potential purchase. In the past, we have utilized "qualified" third party inspectors with mixed results. To ensure the quality of our service, we have decided to inspect all of our clients potential vehicle acquisitions in person. The cost of the inspection is part of the commission percentage. There is no special charge for this service. Travel expenses are estimated, including the cost of lodging, airfare and reasonable food and fuel costs as well as rental car fees if necessary. These expenditures are gone over with the client and are to be paid for in advance of travel. No other expenditures will be charged to the client. Receipts of travel expenditures can be provided to the client upon return.

III. PHOTOS AND WRITTEN DOCUMENTATION OF INSPECTION.  Inspection in person allows us to fully document the inspection with many high quality photos of all aspects of the vehicle. A written report will then be generated and the photos and report will be compiled and sent either by email or US Mail to the client by whichever means desired by the client. We can also speak with the client via FaceTime, Skype or by phone while on site to give on the spot impressions, general observations and recommendations. 

IV. PRICE NEGOTIATION ON BUYERS BEHALF. Upon concluding the inspection, we will discuss our finding and impressions with the client and our recommendation will be given. If the client is interested in purchasing the car, we will sit down with the seller and negotiate the best price possible on the vehicle with the clients desires in mind. After years and hundreds of vehicle purchases and sales, our company has the experience to know when the best deal has been struck. Often times, the cost of our commission is paid for by a good, solid negotiation. 

V. RESPONSIBLE VEHICLE PROCUREMENT. At this point, the vehicle has been inspected and been decided on for purchase by the client. A price negotiation has taken place and a price has been agreed upon. We now proceed with acquiring the vehicle on the client's behalf in a responsible manner. The title and any other sales paperwork is reviewed closely. Two things can occur at this point. 1) The funds are not yet available to be transferred to the seller on the spot, but a deal has been struck. If we cannot purchase the car on the same day that we are in front of the seller, we will ask the seller for a signed "Intent To Sell" statement, good for "X" amount of days. We will also retain a copy of the title. The funds will then be transferred to the seller when they become available. It is recommended that the client insure the vehicle at this time. Auto Transport will arrive and pick up the vehicle and title, to be delivered to the client.  2) The funds are already available in our account from the client. The funds are transferred to the seller at the point that we are in front of the seller. We will then obtain title and sales paperwork immediately. The vehicle then becomes the property of our client and the title and all associated documents are sent to the client overnight mail. The seller is asked to hold the vehicle in his care until transport can be arranged and dispatched. It is recommended that the client insure the vehicle at this time.

Costs associated with transport are the responsibility of the client. 

VI. TRANSPORT ASSISTANCE. We have transported or assisted in transport of hundreds of vehicles to locations all over the World. we value our clients and if need be, we can assist in obtaining and coordinating cost efficient transport. While the cost of transport is not included in our program, working with the seller and the transport company to coordinate a fast and safe vehicle pickup and delivery is.   

THANK YOU for your interest in working with CLASSIC CAR PRO to acquire the very best vehicle for your money. We hope that we have demonstrated the value of our services, but if you have any further questions or would like to discuss additional services, please contact us and we would be pleased to discuss it with you further. 

Best Regards,


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